News programs are specifically scheduled at different times throughout the day to deliver different types of information to various demographics. The mornings news programs are typically shown for commuters who get up early. These mornings shows usually discuss what what is to come throughout the day. For example, the weather forecast for the day is show with accurate predictions for the afternoon and evening hours. Morning news also deliver important local traffic information that obviously effect most commuters. Mornings news shows often feature guests such as celebrities, politicians, notable people and local residents.

Evening news shows usually cover highlights of events that occurred throughout the day. Sports results throughout a local area and the country’s professional leagues are often reported towards the end of the news program. The audience gets a chance to find out important news in their local area after coming home from a busy day of work. Evening news cover a much more broad spectrum of topics as compared to mornings news.

Morning and evening news usually feature different anchors and correspondents. This definitely creates a distinguishable difference between the two schedules. The commercials that air during the morning news and evening news are also very different.